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All the latest sports news, scores and stats right at your fingertips.

Live Stream All Your Most Important Matches

Our exclusive live streaming functionality allows you to easily stream any match of any sport in full HD 4K depending on intenet speed. You will have the freedom to go anywhere with the knowledge that you won't miss any kick from that big game.

Throw Directly Onto Your Smart TV

Throw functionality allows you to easily and qiuckly throw whatever you are live streaming or watching directly onto your smart TV, laptop or desktop set up rendering in full HD 4K. This will eliminate the need for any dish connections or wires. Simply ensure that your TV is on and connected to the WiFi network.

Buy Tickets Directly From The App

Have you been looking for tickets everyone and still can't seem to find them? Don't worry cause we've got you covered. We have agreements with over 150 sports teams from around the world to ensure that you're always the first in the stadium.

Make Your Opinion Count

Our dedicated comments section lets you interact with other people watching the live stream or video as you as well as popular social media integration so that the whole world knows what you think.

“I've used many apps for all my sporting requirements but this is, by far, the best app i've used. It has everything! ”
- Jane Doe